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Top 5 Crazy and Funny Music Instruments

There are 1000s and 1000s of different instruments in the world, some or them are super common like guitar and piano. Others are unusual, like the chalumeau or [...]

Top 5 Relaxing Music Instruments

Out of all 1000s of instruments in the world, which are the most relaxing to play and listen to? The aspects I have considered are the following: Sound: Sweet & [...]

3 Reasons why the Recorder is Amazing

This music instrument has so much history, and was used by classical composers like Mozart and many others. In fact, in the renaissance, the recorder was a very [...]

3 Reasons why the Kalimba is Amazing

The Kalimba is such a lovely small instrument, with a soft, relaxing and peaceful sound.  This is why I feel that the kalimba is an instrument everybody sh [...]

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