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Free Piano Major Chord Chart (Printable)

Do you want to learn how to play all major chords (in every key) on your piano keyboard? I have created this free chord chart for you, which you can choose to p [...]

What is a Motif in Music (Quick Guide)

A motif (also called leit-motif) in music is a brief memorable phrase, which serves as a basic "core" essence of a piece of music, and repeated throughout the p [...]

How to make a Music Video from 1 image

Do you want to make your music on YouTube and other video platforms more visually appealing and engaging to the audience? Soundcloud, bandcamp and other "pure m [...]

Chromatic Low Whistle – Yes it exists

I love the sound, playability and expressive feel of the tin whistle as well as the low whistle.  However, there is of course one main drawback, which is t [...]

Lyre Harp – Your Questions Answered

What is a Lyre Harp? A lyre is basically a small version of a harp, with open strings that are tuned diatonically (meaning in a specific key). Traditionally it [...]

Tin Whistle – Your Questions Answered

What is a Tin Whistle? The tin whistle is a small flute with a fipple design (mouth-piece) that works in the same way a recorder does. It is a very common instr [...]

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