1. How does an online course work exactly?

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Think of it as buying an educational book on a specific topic, but instead of text, you get video lessons with demonstrations, examples, and tips and tricks shown in action. This means you can go through the entire course on your own pace, your own time, whenever you feel motivated, and even go back and rewatch lessons any time you need to.

2. How long do I have access to the courses I enroll in?

As long as the platform exist, indefinitely. So you don’t have to hurry through the videos, take your time, practice as you follow along, take notes etc.

3. Can you teach me personally, or give me feedback on my music?

No, I don’t do any type of personal 1-1 teaching or consultations. However, my online courses will give you tips and secrets I have learned along the way on my 20+ years of experience in music.

4. I want to collaborate with you (or get help on my project), are you interested?

I get this question 100+ times per week. I am not interested in collaborating with other producers/composers. I am only interested in other professional musicians and singers.

So let me ask you this: Are you a professional musician or singer? Meaning you can play an instrument or sing at a professional level. Can you also make videos when you perform? I may be interested in collaborating with you if you are a professional musician (or singer) that can also record yourself performing in music videos for YouTube etc. 

5. I would love to connect with you, how can I contact you?

I literally get 1000s of random strangers wanting to connect with me every week. I am a true introvert, I have like 3 friends, and I don’t want more. However, if you are a professional in music, as in making a full time living in any field within the music industry…then try reaching me at my business partner email (only for business): business@professionalcomposers.com