Publish Your Music on YouTubeDo you want more listeners of your music, and even get new fans?

Of course you do, we all do. But sadly, on music streaming platforms like Spotify etc. the majority of people are not really discovering new music as much. Instead they have their go to artists, albums and playlists they go to over and over for the most part.

YouTube beats Music Streaming Services for Discovery

Now on YouTube the name of the game is “the algorithm”. The feed of video suggestions people get, and by design this leads to a lot more discoveries of new artists, music etc.

I started a new artist project only 4 months ago, called “Dreamspace Music“, in the styles of ambient and relaxing music. And the difference in results on the YouTube channel compared to the Spotify streams, are like night and day.

So the opportunities of getting your music discovered is far greater on YouTube. But on top of that, there are millions of people that use YouTube as their primary source for listening to music as well. Especially long mixes, playlists and videos you can have in the background.

Music Videos does not have to be Advanced

The best part is that you don’t need to make actual music videos in order to get viewers and listeners on YouTube. A nice image is really all you need. 

However, if you have the skills and tools, I can recommend at least putting some visual movement into your music videos.

I have used animated lighting effects, particle effects etc. to give more life to the static image used as background for the music videos I have on my Ambient Relaxing Music YouTube Channel.

Get More Spotify Streams from YouTube

One tactic I have, is because YouTube is far better for discovery, you can use your YouTube channel with all your music there as a stepping stone to get people to your Spotify profile and songs.

Simply make sure to include a link in the video description, and perhaps even a pinned comment, of every single video on your channel. You can even add a graphic element or text in the actual music video telling people that they can listen to your music on Spotify etc.

So when are you going to add all your music to your YouTube channel?