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Top 10 Film Music Composers of ALL TIME

If you love film music and soundtracks as much as I do, you may have asked this question: which film composers are most famous and most popular in the film musi [...]

7 Top Game Music Composers of ALL TIME

I love video games, and video game soundtracks, and I'm sure you do too! =) I grew up in the 80s and 90s when the video game industry was taking off with games [...]

What is a Synth Pad – Quick Guide

What is a Synth Pad in Music Production? In short: a synth pad is a sustained, smooth electronic sound used in music production to add depth and texture to a mu [...]

Convolution Reverb

Convolution reverb is a type of digital reverb that uses impulse responses (IRs) to capture the characteristics of a real-world acoustic space or other sound so [...]

7 Easy Instruments for Beginners

Learning to play any music instrument is incredibly rewarding, and I highly recommend everyone to learn how to play at least 1 instrument. Now, the issue most b [...]

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