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Mikael Baggström - Composer and Sound Designer

Hello, my name is Mike! =)

– I am a Composer, Sound Designer and Artist composing music and creating sounds for: TV, Film, Games and Media Productions. I am also the founder of, a website and network for professional composers.

My Music Portfolio

Noble Music

Imagine a scene of the highest importance. A grand hall of kings and high nobility. Everyone standing to the sides of a long red carpet, while the king approaches slowly and gracefully, coming home from winning a great war, but also with grief and respect to all the lost souls. Bittersweet with a touch of noble grace.

Majestic Music

Imagine a great discovery of immense magnitude. A discovery that pushes the boundaries of knowledge of the entire human race. One giant leap for mankind! I chose the name “The Final Frontier” inspired by Star Trek, the exploration of space, and discoveries of new worlds and amazing knowledge.

Exploration Music

Music that reflects the grand, noble and powerful aspects of exploring new uncharted domains. A big and lush string arrangement with woodwinds adding flare and brass providing some extra low end power. I chose to not include any percussion or rhythmic drive, in order to truly reflect the noble and grand forward momentum on the journey of exploration.

Action Music

High energy music composition, perfect for action sequences like intense car chases, dramatic action scenes etc. Cinematic soundtrack instruments with heavy percussion focus and rhythms in 7/8, and a tempo around 170BPM.

Power Music

Heavy Power, Smoke, Oil and Big Engines. This Metal vs Big Bad Orchestra track will add that extreme bold power to any project!

Beautiful Music

Soft and emotional track with a lyrical tone and long chords, to show the grand and beauty of our dear planet earth. The world is truly a beautiful place! =)

Joyful Music

A very uplifting and joyful track which starts the story in an idyllic and peaceful village in nature, and then goes on an exciting journey! =)

Soundtrack Music for Film, TV, Games and Media Productions

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