Dark Era ReviewDuring the last few years there have been a huge boost in interest in medieval music and sounds, especially because of all the movies, TV series and video games focusing on ancient cultures like vikings etc.

There is something incredibly deep and attractive about this old style of music, the organic lively performances on the ancient instruments, and the meditative sounds which are so full of soul and spirit.

For some reason there are not that many sample libraries or VST plugins available in this style. One that stand out though, is Dark Era by Eduardo Tarilonte – available on Bestservice.

Dark Era – Quick Overview

  • Includes: Bowed Strings, Plucked Strings, Winds and Percussion
  • More than 50 instruments consisting with over 20,000 samples
  • Runs in the Bestservice Sample Engine

What makes Dark Era a great Composing Tool?

Most of us have so many piano libraries, orchestral libraries, and all kinds of synthesisers. But what about those ancient and mysterious instruments and sounds? 

Dark Era gives you access to that medieval vibe, the dark eerie sound, and it truly inspires you to make music that will bring you back to your forefathers, mourn the lost, or even go to war on big battle fields.

A lot of the instruments also includes key switches that will help you add variation into your performances.

Unique Sounds give you an Edge

Of course, you could go out and get a bunch of instruments and learn to play them. Build ones to do sound design on, and so on. I already do that myself, and it is incredibly fun and creative. 

But it is impossible to do that for all types of sounds, and Dark Era can give you access to a lot of very unique sounds and textures that will make your compositions more original.

My personal Favorites in Dark Era:

  • The Horns: They sound so powerful and ancient, like a call to war
  • The Bone Flutes: It takes you back to the stone age
  • The Percussion: Rattles, shakers and all kinds of small percussion
  • The Voices: Shouts, Whispers Throat singing, FX…which all add a unique flavor
  • Soundscapes: Made from the organic ancient instruments

The Sound of Dark Era

Listen to this dark ambient music composition where I have used a lot of instruments and sounds from Dark Era to create a haunting and ancient mysterious sound, which feels like a dark meditation remembering an old forgotten world.

In this composition, 70% of the instruments and sounds in the arrangement are from Dark Era, using sounds like viking horns, bull roars, cryptic voice whispers, drone flute soundscapes etc.