Many Artist NamesShould you have only one single artist name, perhaps your own name, and post all the music you make in every style and genre under that artist name?

I would say no, why? I have come to realise that people generally prefer to have things structured and separated.

People want Structure and Separation

For example, if you go to a youtube channel that talks about health and fitness, you would be confused and perhaps even annoyed if that person started doing videos in completely different topics like dog training, growing a garden etc. You subscribed because you resonated with the person and general theme of the channel, which was health and fitness in this case.

In fact, this is the reason why people love playlists with a certain style and vibe on Spotify and other music services. It is simply more convenient and focused.

One Artist Name for Each Overall Theme

Now I do think you can explore a bit with music styles and still use the same artist name, by expanding the “circle” of music styles. But for the best results you should not jump around completely around vastly different styles of music.

Think of music genres and styles as “themes”, a theme can be wider than a single genre. So for example, let’s say Electronic Music is the theme, then I think you can do all types of sub genres in this theme using one single artist name.

However, I would recommend having one artist name for each overall theme. Which is what I have done as a music creator and artist.

How I Separate my Music with Artist Names

I have one artist name called  Dreamspace Music where the overall music theme is “Relaxing Music”. This means I can explore all the various sub niches within the circle of this overall theme. Such as: atmospheric cinematic music, ambient electronica, relaxing piano music, meditation music, sleep music and so on.

Then I have another artist name called Dark Domains where the overall theme is “Dark Music”. And I can make music in this circle of styles, like dark ambient, dark soundscapes, dark piano, thriller tension, evil boss music etc.

So to sum up: think overall themes (circles) and focus on one circle of music styles for each of your artist names.