About Me

Mikael Baggström - Composer, Sound Designer and Artist

My name is Mikael “Mike” Baggström, and I am a music composer, sound designer and artist.

I am also the founder of professionalcomposers.com, which is an online magazine and community for music composers, producers and sound designers. This is the place for music creators like yourself, to improve your knowledge, skills and career in music.

My Best Advice to You

I have learned the hard way, that “the only way to move forward is by taking action”. Consistent and bold action. The harder the work, the greater the chance for success. How do you become a better music composer, producer, sound designer, artist etc?

  • Learn every Day
  • Practice every Day
  • Create every Day

PS. I wish you good luck and great success on your professional journey in music.

Friendly regards,
Mikael “Mike” Baggström
Founder of Professional Composers

Fun Facts about me

  • I am a “creatoholic” = I must be creative! 😃
  • I constantly hum melodies, even in public!
  • I love science, sci-fi and technology.
  • I drink lots of coffee. Strong and black.
  • I love to inspire & motivate people.
  • I believe in the power of kindness.
  • I aim to make a positive impact in the world.

My Favorites

  • Composers
    Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Ramin Djawadi
  • Artists
    Michael Jackson, Iron Maiden, Queen
  • Movies
    LOTR, Star Wars V, The Matrix, Jurassic Park
  • Books
    Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series