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Sad Music – Composition Contest

Do you want to compose sad music? You can learn more and get insights by listening and analyzing these top winners of the sad music composit [...]

7 Relax Music YouTube Channels

Are you looking for relax music, study music, reading music, sleep music, mediation music...or simply amazing background music that will let [...]

7 Epic Music YouTube Channels

Are you looking for the most Powerful Epic Music on YouTube? Music that will send sparks of energy through your spine, and the blood flowing [...]

Best Music Theory YouTube Channels

If you want to learn music theory and how to use music theory in practice for your music compositions...then you should subscribe and follow [...]

What are Diatonic Chords?

Diatonic chords, are all chords that only uses notes from within the scale of your song. So for example, let's say we use the A minor scale [...]

Chords vs Melody (Power Tips)

How to think of Chords vs Melody? The most essential rule when it comes to Chords, Melody and Intervals is this: all melodic voices of all y [...]