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The Power of Half Diminished Chords

What is a Half Diminished Chord? It is basically a blend between a minor 7th chord and a diminished 7 chord. You start with a standard minor 7th chord, then you [...]

How to Double Track in Music

Double tracking have been used in music for many decades, simply because it is a great way to make the final sound more dense, rich and powerful. The 2 most com [...]

Foot Stomp Sample Pack (Free Download)

Sampled foot stomps are super useful in many style of music. It can add a sense of power, in a more deep and accented way than snares and clap samples. Which is [...]

Circle of Fifths (Free Chart)

Learning and using the Circle of Fifths in music is extremely powerful and useful for so many things. For example: seeing the relationships between all key sign [...]

What is a Pedal Tone in Music?

A pedal tone (also called pedal note or pedal point) is long sustained note in the bass, which is held (sustained) regardless of what chords and melodies are pl [...]

Ukulele Chord Chart

Do you want to learn how to play all basic chords on your ukulele? This chord chart I made for you includes all 12 major chords and all 12 minor chords. This me [...]

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