Lyre Harp Quick GuideThe lyre harp is an amazing instrument, that anyone can learn how to play. Even if you never played another music instrument in your life! =)

You will get so much joy and satisfaction from learning how to play the lyre, and the sound is incredibly magical and peaceful.

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Learning the Lyre Harp – Quick Guide

  1. Hold the far side of the body of the lyre harp in your left hand, and push it against your chest for stability. Angle the lyre so that the strings are easily reachable with your right hand.
  2. Use a tuner: A tuner is a device that helps you play in tune by displaying the pitch of the notes you are playing. Make sure to always tune your lyre before you start playing.
  3. Use your thumb and index finger to pluck the strings. You can vary the sound by plucking the strings harder or softer, or by changing the place at which you pluck the strings.
  4. Practice playing melodies by plucking the strings in sequence. Start with simple melodies and work your way up to more complex pieces.
  5. Use your plucking hand to mute or dampen the strings as needed to create different effects. This can be done by lightly pressing down on the strings with the plam of the hand to dampen the strings.

I wish you great fun on your adventure learning to play the lyre harp! =)