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Is Bouzouki Hard to Play?

Do you want to learn how to play the bouzouki? It's a wonderful instrument, with an incredible sound due to its double strings design. But is it hard to learn? [...]

Irish Bouzouki – GDAD vs GDAE Tuning

There 2 tunings that are common on the Irish Bouzouki: GADE, GDAD . Both of them have their advantages, so let's explore which one you may prefer. Bouzouki - GD [...]

What is Harmonic Rhythm? (Quick Guide)

Harmonic rhythm (also called harmonic temp) is the rhythm of chord changes in your composition. For example: 4 measures with only one chord per bar means a slow [...]

Do Thicker Strings have more Sustain?

If you play guitar or any other plucked string instrument, you may wonder why there are so many different types and variations of strings, and how they can affe [...]

Chord Charts – Your Easy Quick Guide

What is a Chord Chart? A chord chart is simply a way to show all the chords of a song or music composition, including where the chord changes happen rhythmicall [...]

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