Get more Views on YouTube on Your MusicDo you want more views on your music on YouTube? 😃

YouTube has by far been my best platform to promote my music. And using your own YouTube channel as a marketing tool can be a great way to get new fans for your music. But how do you do it? 🤔

Hello, Mike here again from Masters of Music, and today I will teach you my amazing “YouTube Music Video Strategy”. Let’s go! 😃

My YouTube Story

I have been on YouTube for years, all the way back since 2011, and over the years I have published over 1000 videos. However, most of them were tutorials and how-to videos in various topics within music…not actual music compositions.

So then I decided to start posting my music on my channel. And well…it failed hard. No one seemed to care, at all. Perhaps you can relate to this if you ever posted music on your YouTube channel?

Finally I stumbled upon a few YouTube channels that created visual animation and effect style music videos, and I become super curious because they got lots and lots of views on those videos.

The best thing is that there was no “filming”, no video footage, these music videos were based on background images with added animation and effects to create a visually interesting experience.

I learned how to create similar style of “animation music videos”, and started uploading those music videos to my channel. And it finally clicked, people started watching, and even leaving nice supportive comments on both my music and the music video itself! 😃

Check out my YouTube Music Videos here

Want to know the exact strategy I used for these music videos?

Let’s take it step by step.

Step 1 – Start with a Great Image

The most important thing is that you find a great looking image that also suits your music well. Make sure that you have the rights to use the artwork, I personally like to use an AI artwork generator. You can also search online for royalty free images to use.

Check out some of the Artwork I used for my Music Videos:
My Music Video Artwork Covers

Step 2 – Choose a Video Editor

You need to have a video editing software, and at least learn the basics of it. I personally use Final Cut Pro, but you can use any professional video editing software. Make sure your editing software supports features like:

  • Layer Blending Modes
  • Key Framing (animation)
  • Lighting Effects
  • Video Effects
  • Color Grading

Step 3 – Download Video Resources

You are going to use pre-made video effects in your music videos, in order to create extra movement, animation and visual interest. Here are some of my favorite types of video effects to add in my music videos:

  • Particle Effects (orbs, snow, rain)
  • Lighting Effects (moving lights, lens flares)
  • Fog Effects (smoke, mist)
  • LUTs (color grading filters)

There are a lot of websites where you can download video FX resources like this (both paid and free), here are some I have used:,,

Some video editors (including Final Cut Pro) have many of these types of video effects included too, so make sure the dive into your video editor effects features as well.

Step 4 – Create your Music Video

It’s easier than you might think. You basically add your music track at the bottom in your video editor, and of course that decides the length of your music video.

Then you add the visual artwork you have chosen right on top of your audio track.

And finally you add all the video effect resources on top, layer by layer, and make sure to use a blending mode that makes them semi-transparent.

I also recommend that you add a slight movement in the beginning of your music video by creating a slow zoom effect to add some extra motion in the start of the video.

Bonus Tip: if your video editor includes video effects and light effects you can try adding some as an FX directly on your artwork layer.

For example: I use effects like “spotlight” to focus on a specific point in the image, “underwater” to add slight camera movement, a custom LUT to change the color grading, and a few of the included animated lighting effects in Final Cut Pro.

Here’s an example of the end result when I applied everything in my video editor, and exported my music video:

Final Example of Finished Music Video on YouTube

More Resources for You

👍 Thank you for Reading

More tips & tricks to level up your music success are on the way. 😊

Mikael “Mike” Baggström
Composer, Musician, Artist