How to get More Spotify Streams with Your own PlaylistsDo you want to Get More Spotify Streams? 😃

Of course you do, we all do haha! Let me start with an extremely important fact:

Getting your music on playlists is one of the most important things you can do in order to get more plays and followers on Spotify! But how do you do it? 🤔

Hello, Mike here again, and today’s topic is “Spotify Playlist Promotion”.

My Spotify Story

I have been on Spotify for years…many years in fact. And I did not get more than a few streams per week for all my tracks in total, so basically I felt my music was invisible on the platform. Perhaps you can relate to this hopeless feeling?

It all started to change when I started to create my own playlists. I made several playlists in the various styles of music I focus on, you can check them out here: dark ambient music, soft relaxing music, magical fantasy music etc. And I started to promote those playlists instead of my artist profile.

Soon I started to get a few followers on those playlists, and as a result, some actual listeners of my music! 😃

And not only that, but those people, or perhaps the Spotify algorithm, started to get some of my tracks on other peoples’ playlists, which felt soooo good. Now the momentum for my music on Spotify finally started, slowly but steadily the streams started to build up for every month.

I had finally found something that actually works, and I will share my simple but effective strategy with you now.

Step 1 – Create your own Playlist

The easiest way to get started may seem obvious, but it can be incredibly effective in the long term. Create your own playlist with both your own music, as well as many other tracks in the same genre and style. Make sure to label the playlist in a simple way that describes the style and mood of the music inside.

This way you will both associate your music with this particular style, but also with similar artists, and as a result you will give both Spotify and potential listeners a connection between your music, and other artists they follow in a similar style. The algorithm will like this. 😉

Check out my Spotify Playlists here

Step 2 – Promote your Playlist

Now that you’ve set up your own playlist(s) using this “association method”, it’s time to get busy, and start promoting them like crazy.

Leverage all your social media channels, and other online platforms, to share links to your playlists. Don’t simply link to your artist profile, make sure to link to one of your playlists (with music from other artists too). This makes the people checking out your playlist highly more likely to “follow” your playlist.

Bonus Tip: Spotify playlist links are crazy long. So I use a website where you can create Spotify Short Links.

I’m not affiliated at all, but I love the website:

And this is how a final “short link” looks:

Step 3 – Create Sharable Content

Content is king on the Internet. So whatever type of content you can create, do it, and make sure to always include links to your Spotify playlists.

I’ve had my YouTube Channel since 2011, and I actually took an entire day to go back to every single video I ever created (over 1000 videos), and updated the video description + pinned comment, and included links to my music and playlists.

If you use Instagram, or any other social media platform, you can use the profile link to share your Spotify playlist link.

If you share your music on YouTube, try to create visually appealing videos to go with the music, and again…link to your Spotify playlists. You get the point…content first, promote your links second. 😃

⭐️ Level Up Your Music Success

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More tips & tricks to level up your music success are on the way. 😊

Mikael “Mike” Baggström
Composer, Musician, Artist