Here is a complete chord chart for all 7 modes of the major scale (the 7 main modes of music). I created one chart for the basic chords (triads), and another for 7th chords.

Modes Chord Chart (Basic Triads)

Chord Chart for All 7 Modes (Basic Chords)

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Modes Chord Chart (7th Chords)

Modes Chord Chart (7th Chords)

The reason I colored the I-chord and V-chord, is simply because those scale degrees are the strongest harmonic foundation in music. The tonic (I) will always set the fundamental “emotion” of any scale or mode. And the dominant (V) is the chord with the strongest pull back to the tonic (I).

Note: I listed all modes in these charts starting with the brightest (“happiest”) mode, to the darkest (“most evil sound”) mode.

Quick Guides on All 7 Modes