Lydian Mode - The Light ModeYou are now going to learn the Lydian Mode of music. You will get a quick reference guide, plus a free chord chart of the Lydian Mode.

The Lydian Mode is what I personally call “the enlightening mode”, because it has the brightest tone and overall sound of all the 7 modes. It is the 4th mode of the major scale.

You can play this mode by starting on F, and play all white keys up to the F an octave above it. Now let’s have a look at a quick overview guide of the Lydian Mode.

The Lydian Mode – Quick Guide

  • Mode Feeling: Enlightening, Happy, Hope, Dreamy
  • Mode Pattern: R – W – W – W – h – W – W – h
  • Mode Formula: 1 – 2 – 3 – ♯4 – 5 – 6 – 7

F - Lydian Mode

The Lydian Mode – Chord Chart

These are all diatonic triads of the Lydian Mode, plus the diatonic 7th chords in parenthesis.

  • I = Major (Maj 7)
  • II = Major (Dom 7)
  • III = minor (min 7)
  • IV = diminished (m7b5)
  • V = Major (Maj 7)
  • VI = minor (min 7)
  • VII = minor (min 7)

Quick Guides on All 7 Modes

PS. Here’s a link to a free printable modes chord chart.

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