YouTube Success - Game OnHello Music Creators, how are you today?! 😃

I’m going to tell you about the big struggle and long journey of YouTube when you are a music composer and producer. The simple truth is this: It will take super hard work, 1000s amounts of work hours, and probably years and years without success. Here is my YouTube Channel btw.

You can not only focus on simply making content you want to make. Like sharing your music tracks without a really nice dedicated music video. Most music creators on YouTube are guilty of not putting actual work and focus on the video production and style, and instead simply posting their tracks with a picture or simple background video.

You have to create videos that people find value in. This can be entertainment, education or motivation. You also need to find topics for your videos that have a broad market, if you want to gain massive amounts of views.

For example: My channel is the second biggest YouTube channel in the world on Logic Pro Tips and Tutorials. But that does not matter, because there are simply not enough people that want to watch Logic Pro tips videos, compared to a fun and entertaining videos. I have finally come to terms with this fact after 10 years on YouTube.

The sad truth is that even if you are at the very top of a niche, it may simply be too small of an audience to grow big on YouTube. If you want 100K+ views or even millions of views per video, you have to make certain types of videos that have a MUCH broader potential audience.

Which is why I am now starting to experiment with video topics and content that have a much higher view potential. After researching what the most successful videos are from my fellow music YouTubers, I have come to some conclusions. Videos that tend to perform better are:

  1. Challenges + Experiments
  2. Awesome Music Videos
  3. Fun and Quirky Videos
  4. Live Performance Covers of Famous Music
  5. Mini Documentary style videos
  6. Meme Style Videos
  7. Deep Dives on a Single Topic

I am going to experiment with some of these video types, to see what can make my video views take off. From 1000s of views, to 100.000s+ views per video. I am certain many of these experiments will fail, but that is how we learn and improve.

I also know for certain that if I keep doing the same thing I’ve done for years and years, and expecting different results, that is the definition of insanity. So let’s experiment, let’s evolve, let’s crush the YouTube algorithm with the force of Thor’s Hammer! The Game is on! 😎

Mikael “Mike” Baggström
Composer | Sound Designer | Educator