Level Up as a Music ComposerWant to become a Professional Composer?

By professional I mean that the quality of your music is high enough for commercial album releases, and to be used in music for TV, Film, Games and Media.

When you reach that high level of quality, it is up to you if you want to make this a profession. Composing music full time, or at least making a great part time income from your skills and experience in music.

Master your Skills

There are so many areas within music that you need to improve your knowledge, skills and practical craft within, in order to really get that high professional level for your music. I am now going to give you my personal top list of which areas I believe you should focus a lot on in order to level up as a music composer.

Fields of Focus for a Professional Composer:

  • Music Theory Basic (Time Signatures, Scales, Intervals, Harmony, Chords)
  • Music Theory Advanced (Modes, Modulations, Voice Leading, Articulations)
  • Music Composition (Instruments, Mood, Arrangement, Expression)
  • Music Production (Production Techniques, Recording, Mixing, Mastering)
  • Music Software (DAWs, Workflow, Software Instruments/Effects)
  • Sound Design (Synthesizers, Sampling, Sound Effects)
  • Performance Skills (Piano/Keyboard, Guitar, DAW Controllers)
  • Marketing (Branding, Website, YouTube, Social Media)
  • Business (Industry Knowledge, Networking, Pitching/Selling)

Master your Journey in Music

Make sure to focus on all aspects that matter for you on your professional journey in music. Do you lack knowledge and/or practical skills in any of the fields above? Then make sure to invest in yourself, and spend time, energy and money to truly learn and improve in those fields. You can not be a master of one of these, and a noob in all others, if you expect to get professional results with your music and career in music.

Courses to Level Up your Music Skills

If you really are ready to take your knowledge, skills and music to the next level…check out some of my courses on music composition, production, sound design etc. Good luck, and work hard to level up your skills and craft in music! =)