Vento Modern Woodwinds Sample LibraryHello Composers, Mike here! 😃
Are you looking for a modern take of woodwinds to use in your music compositions? Woodwinds that can go into the hybrid/processed zone, all the way to sound design magic.

Vento Modern Woodwinds is a sample library by Heavyocity that does just that. It is more about a modern take on woodwinds, than a classic natural tone.

Check out Vento Woodwinds – Click Here.

Here are my top favorite things of Vento Modern Woodwinds:

Vento Modern Woodwinds – Top List

  1. Beautiful Layout
  2. Lots of Articulations (and easy mapping)
  3. Tone Shaping Options
  4. Snapshot Presets
  5. Sound Design Power

Watch my Video on Vento Modern Woodwinds