Are you looking for a Free VST synth that can deliver a fat, analog sound? A synth that is easy to use, and easy to get great sounds from? Then keep reading! =)

Tyrelln6 - Free VST SynthI have found a really good synth, that can produce amazing sounds with analog warmth and vintage character. Sounds with grit and attitude. And it’s called Tyrell N6.

The best part of this VST synth is that it is free! And I have to say it is one of the best free VST plugins I’ve ever tried.

This synth plugin was developed as a collaboration between U-he and a German online magazine called Amazona. 

I personally love the UI. The layout is clear and simple, which makes it fast to work with. And it has the hardware, vintage look. Even with some dirt added on the interface. However, the GUI is skinnable, if you prefer a different look.

My 3 Favorite things about Tyrell N6

  1. The Fast Workflow
    I really love plugins and instruments that are instantly usable, and fast and efficient to work with. And TyrellN6 is one of the fastest software synths I’ve used when it comes to creating, shaping and sound designing your own presets.
  2. The Analog Character
    This VST synth really has the analog character in all aspects: the sound, the look, and the workflow.
  3. The Efficiency
    It is rare for good VST synths to not require massive CPU power. But Tyrell N6 seems to be really efficient, which is a big plus for me.

My Overall Thoughts

I really like Tyrell N6 for the many reasons I mentioned, and more importantly: I have used it in my music compositions and productions. I especially like it for basses, pluck and pulse sounds, and mean dirty synth sounds. It’s fast to work with, fast to get the sounds I want, and light on CPU usage. I can truly recommend it highly. Especially considering it is free! =)

Learn More about Tyrell N6

If you want learn more about Tyrell N6, with the full specifications and features, check it out here. Here is the website where you can download Tyrell N6 for free.