Your Progress comes from Your PassionHello Music Creators! =)

Today I want to share a super important concept, that I recently had the pleasure of experiencing myself, and I hope you will too. And this concept is: Progress comes from Passion!

What I mean by this is you will always have the fastest and most natural progress if you focus on the things you are most passionate about. Earlier this year I really fell in love with the sound of the Irish tin whistle, after watching a lot of instrumental music videos on YouTube created by artists I really respect.

So I decided to buy this instrument myself, and learn how to play it. And then I practiced, day after day, consistently for 2-3 hours per day for about 5 months. And the progression was insane. I went from a total noob, to being able to play confidently and with added expression, emotion and decorations…in only 5 months.

And all of this was because I had the dedication and the focus to keep practicing. Why? Simply because I had a true passion for this instrument, and a real goal of being able to record performances for my future music compositions, and even create music videos myself.

In fact, I feel so confident in playing this instrument today, that I started working on a course where I will teach beginners how they can learn to play it too.

Then I found a true passion for the Bouzouki. And I started a new journey based on my passion and dream to learn how to play it. And after only 5 weeks of daily practice I have gone from a bad beginner, to being able to play really nice riffs and melodies.

And I would never have been able to accomplish all of this, if I did not love both the journey and the end goal. Which takes us back to the main point of this video. Progress comes from Passion!

So make sure to focus on learning, improving and mastering the things you love. When you do, you will have incredible, fast and natural progress. Good luck, and keep mastering the art of music my friends! =)