SWAM Woodwinds by Audio Modeling is a bundle of acoustically modeled woodwind instruments with amazing sound and expression. Read on, or Watch Video here.

What is the SWAM – Woodwinds Bundle

SWAM Woodwinds by Audio Modeling (Quick Review)This is an amazing bundle of woodwinds instruments by Audio Modeling, which uses physical modeling technology to give you as a composer, amazing power and control over the tone, expression and performance.

The Bundle consists of: Flutes, Double Reeds, Clarinets and Saxophones. And each of these individual products contain several instruments inside.

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My Summary of SWAM Woodwinds Bundle

If you watched some of my previous Let’s Play videos, you already know that I am a huge fan of physical modeling technology for instruments. And SWAM Woodwinds did not let me down.

I get Amazing control over the expression, tone and performance…Way more control than any woodwind sample library I ever tested. And one great advantage is that physical modeling means way less RAM usage. And it loads super quickly in your project template.

Overall I am super satisfied with this bundle, and I have already started using these instruments in my compositions (even added some of them in my DAW template).

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