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Palette Orchestral Series (Orchestral Bundle)

A series of 4 products: Sketchpad, Melodics, Orchestral FX and Runs & Arps.

Afflatus Chapter I Strings (Orchestral Strings)

An orchestral strings library which focuses on style, mood and themes.

Shreddage 3 (Electric Guitar)

An electric guitar VST for Kontakt, which is capable of many styles.

Taiko Creator (Cinematic Percussion)

An instrument dedicated to epic cinematic percussion.

Spaces 2 (Convolution Reverb)

Convolution reverb vst plugin with great depth, a hi-fi sound, and lots of spaces to choose from.

LUSH-101 (Analog VST Synth)

An analog vintage style synth with a warm, lush sound and 8 unique layers to shape your overall sound with.

Forzo – Modern Brass (Orchestral Brass)

An Epic, Powerful & Majestic Brass Library with both traditional instrument presets as well as hybrid sound design.

Sample Modeling Brass (Solo Brass)

Bundle of: The Trumpet 3, The Trombone 3 and French Horn & Tuba 3.

SWAM Woodwinds (Solo Woodwinds)

SWAM Woodwinds by Audio Modeling. Incredible expression and playability.

MODO Bass (Electric Bass)

Electric Bass plugin based on physical modeling, with amazing control.