Sample Modeling Brass is a bundle of acoustically modeled brass instruments with amazing sound and expression. Read on, or Watch Video here.

What is Sample Modeling Brass?

Sample Modeling Brass - Quick ReviewSample modeling brass, uses a technique that is very different from all the standard sample libraries I use as a composer, and probably you do as well.

It is based on acoustic modeling of the sounds, which gives you incredible control over the sound and expression.

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I also want to say that I use a Breath Controller to add expression when playing Sample Modeling Brass, which is not required, but I personally recommend it. Because breath is the way to play real brass instruments, so it will sound the most natural when you perform it in your DAW.

My Positive Feedback

  • Incredible control over the sound design, tone and character.
  • Amazing performance expression controls.
  • Feels and plays more like a real instrument, with the minor variations that happens naturally for each note you play.
  • Reduces the post production time since you perform most of the expression.
  • Takes much faster to load in your templates, since it uses way less RAM than traditional sample libraries.

My Constructive Feedback

  • It is a bit more CPU intensive (but use less RAM)
  • Sample modeling brass only supports monophonic, meaning playing one note at a time.

My Final Thoughts

Personally I am a huge fan of acoustic modeled instruments like sample modeling brass, because I really love to perform the instruments, and to make them sound as realistic as possible, with lots of expression and control over the tone and character of each note.

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