New Century Brass 2.0 BundleDo you love orchestral brass? From soft and noble, to bold and powerful? Then lets check out New Century Brass 2.0 Bundle by 8dio, right now!

Hello Composers, Mike here, and these are my favorite aspects about this sample library:

1. The Flexible Mapping System

When you load up New Century Brass, you can completely choose what articulations you want to use, and how you want to map them.

The order in the mapping view, and what key switch you want. You can even map articulations to CC input, such as your MOD-wheel for example.

2. Ensemble and Solo

The great thing about this brass bundle is that you get a huge amount of content, since it is both an ensemble brass library + a solo brass library in one bundle. And since they share the same work flow you will easily learn how to use them both in combination.

3. Lots of Articulations

They have really included a lot of articulations, and variations. The legato is by far my favorite, and on horns it simply sounds stunningly beautiful. But they include several short note articulations, they have arcs in different lengths, and even special effects.

4. Mixer Settings

You get two pre-made mixes that you can quickly change between. But you also get the different microphones that you can blend together to create your own mix if you prefer.

5. User Control

There are several very nice features that give you even deeper control over the sound. Such as speed control, release tails etc. depending on what articulation is selected.

My Final Thoughts

This brass bundle of ensemble + solo sample libraries will give you an all-in-one brass collection for all your orchestral music needs as a composer. Granted, it might not be suitable for pop productions, but it does cover practically all articulations you usually use in cinematic music compositions.

The bundle even comes with a “light version” of a full brass ensemble, for quick writing, mockups, or just added brass ensemble with a low RAM foot print.

So is this a brass library for you? I will leave that up to you, but if you want to learn more: Click here to get specifications and more information.