Music Intervals - Quick GuideDo you want to learn and master the essential ingredients for making music?

Chords, Harmonies, Melodies…they all rely on the intervals of music.

Why? Because you chain intervals to create melodies, you stack them to create harmonies, and layering several harmonies to create chords. And each interval can also be played upwards, downwards, or together (= in harmony).

As a music composer, you should not only know every interval. You should learn them by heart: their sound, their emotion, their tension level, and finally how they sound in combination with other intervals when you play them as chords…and so on.

Music Intervals – Quick Chart

NotesNameShortInterval EmotionTension
0UnisonP1The Stability IntervalNone
1Minor 2ndm2The Tension IntervalHigh
2Major 2ndM2The Thrilling IntervalMedium
3Minor 3rdm3The Emotional IntervalLow
4Major 3rdM3The Feel Good IntervalLow
5Perfect 4thP4The Journey IntervalMedium
6TritoneTTThe Devil's IntervalHigh
7Perfect 5thP5The Power IntervalNone
8Minor 6thm6The Mystery IntervalLow
9Major 6thM6The Exciting IntervalLow
10Minor 7thm7The Classy IntervalMedium
11Major 7thM7The Strange IntervalHigh
12OctaveP8The Mirror IntervalNone