Let me give you some Motivational Advice about Time, as a fellow music composer and artist.

Why your Time is so Valuable

Music Composers - Why your Time is so ValuableLet me answer that question by sharing my story: I have always struggled by staying focused on the important tasks and projects. So what are the important tasks?

Well the things that will move you forward on your journey. For me personally: composing new music, creating new courses, making YouTube videos for you guys, leading my Facebook Groups, and other things that are part of being an entrepreneur, or as I like to call it: a creative person with a freedom lifestyle.

Being Free means you need Discipline

But being free, also means you need to develop self-discipline. I have found a new thing that I’ve tried for over a week now, and I am amazed by the results.

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Let me share my new secret recipe for self control and empowerment: I set my alarm at 5am…and I get up right away…not even letting my mind come up with excuses. And let me tell you that I am not a morning person..so I really thought I would fail hard. But it was actually quite easy, and I felt a sense of pride over being able to do thing.

My “No External Input Rule”

The next thing, is my smartphone. I’m sure you can relate to this..checking email, notifications, the social media feeds and so on…I did it all, and too often. Now for over 3 weeks since I wrote this post: I have a no-external input rule, from the moment I wake up to lunch time. Meaning no phone, no ipad, now social media, no email, no web browser…just pure 100% focus on productive work.

The Result

I have found that I am more productive in those hours from I wake up to lunch time in single day..than I used to be for almost a full week in total before. I mean, I was amazed at how much real work I got done by being 100% focused during that time.

So to sum up my Motivational Advice I would say this: Take Control over your Time…take Control over your Inputs (such as smartphones etc.) and take Control over your Energy. That’s it. Sounds easy, but no one can do it for you…it’s always up to you.

Your Action Time

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PS. I wish you Great Success on your Professional Journey in Music! =)

Friendly regards,
Mikael “Mike” Baggström
Music Composer | Sound Designer