Most Hopeful Chords in MusicAre you looking for ways to add “hope” to your music. That sense of light in the dark, or perhaps majestic uplifting and shimmering magic?

There are several ways to do this, but in essence, it is based on one simple technique which I call “The Major Surprise”. Allow me to clarify: this is when the listener does not expect a major sounding chord, but you deliver it anyway, just because you can and want to! =)

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Most Hopeful Chords in Music

First, a chord on its own can have a specific emotional quality. But the true power of music comes from your music story, your progression of sounds and harmonies. Meaning, what chord comes first, and what chord comes next. It is all about the musical harmonic story.

So there are two styles of “hope” in chord progressions in music. The first kind is an overall major vibe, which gives your progression that powerful, divine and bright tone. I call this “majestic hope”. And the other is going from a minor mood into a surprising positive twist. I call this “hope in the dark”.

3 Chord Progressions for Majestic Hope

  1. C – D – E – A
  2. C – E – A – Ab – Cb
  3. C – Eb – F – G – C

3 Chord Progressions for Hope in the Dark

  1. Dm – Gm – Ab – Bb – C
  2. Dm – Am – E – A – D
  3. Dm – Dm7 – G – Eb – D – E