Subharmonic Generator (Rootone)Do you want to Boost the Power of your Bass in your music?

For example adding more sub bass into your bass lines. Beef up the low end of your percussion. Or even enhancing the sub harmonics of your entire final mix.

There is a way to do all of this, and more. And it is to use a subharmonics effect plugin. The one I have tried myself, and would like to recommend is called Rootone by Leapwing Audio. Why is this such an amazing tool for enhancing your low end range in your music? Let’s find out! =)

What is Rootone by Leapwing Audio?

On the surface it is a subharmonics generator, but it goes way beyond other similar tools in terms of shaping and controlling the output you get create with this plugin.

Now it’s important to point out that this is not simply adding a pitch-shifted copy of the lowest fundamental of an audio track. Rootone actually intelligently analyses the audio of the track you put it on, and then generates unique subharmonics which are perfectly phase-aligned and crystal clear.

Rootone - Subharmonic VST PluginMultiband Subharmonics

First, it’s in fact a multiband subharmonics generator, with independent settings for band frequencies, levels, drive (saturation), dynamic response, and even decay.

If you want to, you can simply use one of the bands (for example: adding some “thump” to your kick drum, or extra sub bass to your orchestral low strings).

Dial in your Bands to Perfection

I really like that you can solo each band so that you will only hear the output on that specific harmonics generator, which makes it much easier to dial it in to exactly the response you want.

Add Extra Harmonics

Not only do you get 3 subharmonics bands in the lowest range, separated in perfect octaves. You also get an extra 4th harmonics band to add to the low mid-range. You can shape and color this extra harmonics layer to add a bit more focus and density to any track.

Shape the Envelopes

In the latest update Rootone also adds controls for shaping the attack/decay settings per band, which is extra important for percussive/rhythmic sounds.

Learn every Parameter

I have to say that the user manual is one of the best manuals I ever seen for a software product. It describes every single detail and parameter in an easy manner, that will help you with learning how to use this plugin for your music.

What makes Rootone so Great?

  • You can add Subharmonics to any track: Kick Drum, Bass, Vocals.
  • It can even beef up the low end on your Full Mix and Master.
  • The generated subharmonics are all phase-aligned.
  • You can set the harmonics to follow the dynamics of your original sound.
  • You can add tape/tube-like harmonic saturation.
  • All band are independently controlled.

Things to be Aware of

  • Due to the intelligent “audio analysis” algorithm you will get some added latency.
  • You don’t get a huge amount of presets. But you can of course create your own.

My Final Thoughts

Add Sub BassRootone is simply the best subharmonics generator I ever tried. Simply because the output is so clean sounding, and phase-aligned, which makes it blend perfectly with the original instrument.

One of my favorite ways to use it is to add weight in the sub range on orchestral basses, or electric basses, because their lowest fundamental does not go that deep.

It does not feel like an “added low synth layer”, but rather like the instrument you play have an extra sub bass fundamental, as Rootone follows your performances as well.

As a bonus, it really can make your low end extremely clear and powerful in your final mix and master.

Learn More

Click here to learn more about Rootone, if you are looking for a subharmonics generator to use in your music productions.