Major 7th Chord Chart for Piano thumbnailDo you want to learn how to play every single Major 7 Chord on your piano or keyboard?

Major 7th chords are great for adding an extra level of depth and class to a standard major triad chord.

What is a Major 7th chord?

A major 7th chord is created by taking a standard major triad, and adding another major 3rd on top of the perfect 5th. The formula is: Root + Major 3rd + Perfect 5th + Major 7th.

Since it is made from 4 notes, you have many ways to stack them in a different order, which can add even more complexity and variation in your chord progressions, and also help with your voice leading.

Major 7th Chords Piano (Free Chart)

Here you have a complete free chart that you can bookmark, download, or print out for reference.

Major 7th Chord Chart for Piano