Would you like to have a vintage analog synth with 8 unique layers, a powerful modulation matrix, a build in mixer, effects and more? Then perhaps you might want to take a look at LUSH-101 from D16 Group. Learn more about LUSH-101 here. Get a full overview and specifications, listen to audio demos etc.


Lush-101 by D16 GroupWhat is LUSH-101? Well, it is a classic analog synth engine in VST plugin form, with great flexibility and sound design possibilities.

This is because it features not only 8 layers that you can stack, craft and shape individually to make up the complete sound…it also has an on board mixer where you can blend the layers, and use individual panning, effects, arpeggiator etc. per layer.

Perhaps one layer is a deep bass, while another is a bouncy arpeggiator, and a third being a sparkling sweet pad, the choice is yours. =)

It comes with a preset library of around 1400 sounds.



  1. The Mixer
    Being able to layer several different sounds, mix them differently with panning, levels, effects send etc. is extremely powerful. As long as your CPU can handle it you can go really crazy with sound design.
  2. The Arpeggiator
    Not only is it very flexible, but you can also use it as a rhythmic gate, it also comes with a preset manager. So you can save you custom arpeggiator and gate patterns.
  3. The Filter Section
    I have to say this is one of the most powerful filter sections I’ve seen in a software synth. You can control the frequency from any or both of the 2 envelopes, as well as the 2 LFO’s. And dial them in individually by sliders. At the same time you can add motion to the resonance with envelope 2 and/or LFO 2.



With great power…comes great CPU usage. Yes, sadly this is always the downside. And while you can use LUSH-101 with a single layer, the true creative and sound shaping power comes from its layers. And the more you add, the more CPU it eats.

Another downside is that even though the interface looks really good, the text is very small due to the crazy amount of features added in the interface.


So where does LUSH-101 shine? Well I have found that this synth is perfect for big, fat analog sounds. Such as warm or shimmering pads, and bold bass sounds.

But also, due to the incredibly flexible modulation and arpeggiator, I have used it for rhythmic synth sounds, and morphing, modulating and pulsing sounds.


If you are looking for a super powerful, flexible synth plugin with the capability of producing almost any type of sound. And if you want that warm fat analog character in the sound. And if you have a computer that can handle the CPU this plugin needs. Well then I can highly recommend LUSH-101.


Learn more about LUSH-101. Get a full overview and specifications, listen to audio demos etc. They even have a very well written manual, as well as video tutorials on this synthesizer, so you have a chance to really dive deep if you want to. =)