Lightning X3M Review (Heavenly High End)Are you looking for more high range percussive sounds, that can be great for adding shimmer and drive?

Watch Video Review + Sound Demo here

Ticking clocks, clicks, stick hits, shakers and much more. Then Lightning X3M might be exactly what you need. Let’s check it out, right now!

My Overall Impression: Lightning X3M is a huge collection of various short and snappy percussive sounds focused on the high range spectrum of music. Perfect for adding shimmer and drive, without taking up too much headroom in the mix. Lots of presets, good amount of round robins, ability to mix microphone options, and very light on RAM usage. Lightning X3M has become my high end heaven!

My favorite aspects of Lightning X3M

  • Huge collection of presets
  • Great Mapping System
  • Generous amount of Dynamic Levels and Round Robins
  • Easy to design the Mix with Mic options
  • Light on Computer Resources

Why Lightning X3M?
Whenever you need to add extra drive or shimmer into your music, high range short percussive sounds is a great choice. Ticking, shakers and various short, snappy sounds in the high end spectrum can be played fast and add a lot of tension and energy, while still leaving a lot of headroom in the mix for melodies, themes, riffs, harmonies etc. That is why you often hear these driving high range percussion in film music, trailer music and soundtracks. If this is music you compose, then you should definitely take a look at Lightning X3M.