Hello Composers! Mike here, and this is my quick review of: Shimmer Shake Strike by In Session Audio. Read the summary, or Watch Video here.

What is Shimmer Shake Strike?

In Session Audio - Shimmer Shake Strike (Quick Review)This is a sample library of tambourines, shakers and small hand percussion. It’s described as a one-stop-shop for all your “top of mix” percussion needs.

And I really love this idea, because everyone seem to focus on big epic drums, massive impacts and hybrid percussion.

This library is completely different. It adds that human element and character, and the kind realism you get from real performances. But this instrument is usable in almost any kind of music you create.

My Positive Feedback

  • The Quick and Practical Workflow from the Great Interface Design.
  • The Pattern Designer. Simply amazingly well implemented.
  • Being able to sequence pattern changes with Key Switches.

My Constructive Feedback

  • I would have loved to see a drag and drop midi feature from these patterns.
  • There are no mic positions to choose from.

My Final Thoughts

This instrument will definitely go straight into my DAW Template as my main high percussion rhythm creator. Why? Because it is so easy and fast to use. The interface is both beautifully designed, as well as practically well thought out.

It this for you?

Alright! What do you guys think, is this a library you are going to check out for your music composing and production toolkit?