How do you write amazing chord progressions, by learning the techniques from famous music composers? Let me teach you:  I call it the “Mimic Method”. Watch the Video here.

The Mimic Method

How to Create Amazing Chord ProgressionsHey Friends, Mike here, and I am going to tell you how to: “Kickstart your Creativity, while automatically learning secrets that famous music composers use”. Let’s Start right now!

We are surrounded by simple pop music all day long: They play it on radio, in stores, on TV and so on. So when you finally sit down as a music composer in your studio, it might be hard to open up your mind to something more interesting than 3 or 4 basic chords. Because you have been brainwashed by that nonsense pop music.

Now, I have a secret powerful tip for you, that will make you able to: unleash your true creative power.

Kickstart your Creativity

The trick is to kickstart your creativity by listening to great music that you love, and that has more musical complexity. But that’s not all. Because the real trick is to listen to it when you sit by your MIDI keyboard or piano, and then analyze the chord progression, melody and rhythm.

So basically you start up spotify or YouTube or where ever you listen to music. Then you start your DAW, load up a piano patch, and set it so that you can play while your DAW is in the background. Then you balance the volume between your piano and spotify. And now the creative power session begins.

You simply play a short snippet of a track you like to learn from. Then you find the melody, the chords and the rhythm on your keyboard and play it. Then you Play another snippet of the song, and repeat. I call this, the play and mimic method, and it has several advantages:

  1. You will begin to learn the tricks your favorite composers use for creating interesting chord progressions, beautiful melodies and complex rhythms.
  2. You will improve the range of ideas you can use when playing your MIDI keyboard or piano.
  3. You will have a great way to kickstart new song ideas, because as soon as you stop mimicking, you can use the inspiration you just got, to let your creativity free.

PS. I wish you Great Success on your Professional Journey in Music! =)

Friendly regards,
Mikael “Mike” Baggström
Music Composer | Sound Designer