Are you interested in learning how to get your music featured and promoted for free? I will share a list to help you get free promotion and marketing for your music compositions and productions.

Promote your Music for Free

How to Promote your MusicThe trick to get your music featured and promoted is not to have amazing music. Because composing and producing great music, that people love to listen to, is basically a given.

However, that’s not what this is about…because let’s be 100% honest. There are so many composers and producers in the world that have amazing music, but are never discovered.

Why most Music Artists fail

I believe that it is because their lack of focus, effort and dedication in: Marketing and Promotion. So I want to ask you now: Are you spending enough time, work and effort to market and promote your music?

How to Get your Music Promoted?

I’m going to help you boost your marketing and promotion power, by sharing an extensive list of promotion opportunities, that you as a composer and producer can try out. Get your music featured and promoted for free. Here we go:

1 – Promote your Music on Your YouTube Channel

Make sure that you create nice visuals to go with your music, or even music videos or performances, to add more power to your music on YouTube. It is a video platform, after all. Also, find other channels with similar music and subscriber amount, that you can cross-promote with.

2 – Promote your Music on Free Music Platforms

There are so many websites that let you as a composer and artist upload your tracks, make playlists, add artwork, and basically create your artist portfolio. So that music fans can find you and your music. So create your artist account, design your page, and add your music. Here are some examples on website you can use: SoundCloud, Bandcamp and Reverbnation.

3 – Promote your Music on Streaming Services

If people can’t find you on their preferred music streaming service, well not only do you miss out on potential income streams, but you also miss out on free marketing. So make sure you sign up to a music distribution service that will get your music on: Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, and all the other 100s of platforms people use to listen to music on. There are many music distributors you can choose from, like for example Tunecore and CD Baby. If you want to learn more about music distributors, check out this great and lengthy comparison by Ari’s Take.

4 – Promote your Music by Sharing your Story

People care more about your music, if they get to know you, your background and your story. You can do this by having your own website with a blog, or to do videos and posts on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or whatever platform you prefer…to share your story and journey as a music composer and artist.

5 – Promote your Music with Live Streaming

Live streaming is the king of all content. It always has been, and it always will be. And here’s why. You know how every new content platform becomes so incredibly crowded and competitive. I mean take YouTube for example. How many videos are there in total on that platform? I have no idea, but I would guess billions. And you compete for attention against all those billions of videos. BUT, with live streaming, you are only competing with people that are currently streaming live. So there will never be a billion live streams at the same time. You can stream music performances, behind the scenes of your music, Q&A and hangouts with your fans, and so on. Make sure to direct the viewers to your music, when they watch your live stream. And always focus on engagement in your live streams.

6 – Promote your Music with your Social Media Channels

Releasing your music is not enough these days. You have to be active online, on social media platforms, to connect with your fans and new people. You need to find your favorite platforms, and the ones you feel work best for you. Personally I can say that YouTube has been the best one for me by far. On Facebook I have found groups to work better than pages. A Facebook group is basically a community to start discussions etc. Then there’s a lot of image based platforms, but they seem to be much harder to get traction on as a music composer, since we are focusing on sound, not images.

7 – Promote your Music on YouTube Music Channels

There are actually quite a lot of music channels on YouTube that are basically like radio channels, featured composers and artists. It basically works like this: They have a submit form of some kind, that you use to send your music composition and artist info with. And if they choose you, they will upload a video with your track to their channel. Free exposure and promotion for you. You need to do some research on YouTube to find these kind of channels, especially for your own style of music. Since I personally focus on cinematic and epic music, here are some channels in that style: Epic Music WorldPandora Journey and The Prime Cronus.

8 – Promote your Music on Facebook Groups

On Facebook there are actually lots of groups focused on music, even in specific genres. Some of them let you post your tracks for feedback, and while I personally haven’t found this to work for me, it’s a free way to promote your music. The downside is that everyone seem to be in these groups to promote themselves, and not that interested in checking out other people’s music in the group.

9 – Promote your Music on Playlists

If you can get on a big playlist on platforms like Spotify or SoundCloud, that can be a great way to get new fans. Because the playlists are often focused on one style of music, so you will be getting listens from people that love exactly the kind of music you make. Here’s a specific article that can help you out: How to Get Your Music on Spotify Playlists.

10 – Promote your Music on Music Blogs

If you just released a new album, that is a good time to reach out to music blogs within your style of music, and ask if they would like to review or feature your album. These music blogs are run by true hard core music lovers, and their blogs are all about finding new fresh music to write about and feature. Do some research on Google to find the music blogs that focus on your style of music, and when you reach out: make sure to make their job as easy as possible. Follow their submit guidelines if they have them available, and otherwise just be very straightforward and structured with your “pitch”. Make sure they don’t need to reply. They should be able to use the organized information you attached to feature your music on their blog.

11 – Let your Fans Promote your Music

As soon as you have a small fanbase, you can ask your fans to help you spread your music. But to do this, you must of course have focused on creating a good relationship with your fans. By blogging, vlogging, email newsletters and so on. You need that connection with your fans first. Then you can for example ask them to share your latest YouTube Music Video, Album on Spotify and so on.

How will you Promote your Music?

So which ways are you going to use to promote your music for free? I recommend that you try them all out, and find which ones work best for you, because it is different for everyone. And I have a rule that I try to follow myself to find success in any field in life: Try a lot of things to find out what works best, and double your efforts on those things.

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