Content Marketing as a Music ArtistHello Music Creators! 😃
Do you try to market yourself as a music artist, and get your music played by a large audience, by using content platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, perhaps even Twitter?

What types of high quality content do you make, to spread your music, and your artist brand in the world? Please share your thoughts in a comment below.

I have thought about this from a classic business mindset. Content, like products, is simply about Supply and Demand.

This takes me to the main problem I see, which is that so many music creators and artists focus way too much time to do the super easy things. Posting a Tweet, snapping an Instagram photo and so on….well, the fact is that the easier something is to do, the higher the supply will be, meaning the competition will be insane.

If you on the other hand, do high quality video productions on for example YouTube, then you immediately rise above 99% of all music creators marketing.

And if you have the skills and knowledge to make super high production value videos, like music videos….then you are at the top level of content production, and the competition up there is tiny compared to an Instagram post for example. I can basically promise you that you will gain far more views if you make professional looking and inspiring music videos, than posting your music with a static image or video loop.

So basically, I have thought about this a lot for my own music journey. I find that it makes more sense to me at least, to skip all those “easy content” type platforms, in favor of high production type videos on YouTube. I am even considering trying to make music videos, because I think they have a higher chance to bring my music to more people.