Sine Wave for Beep SoundThe classic beep sound used for censoring “bad language” on broadcasts on TV etc. have been used for decades. But how do you create it by yourself?

Well, first you need a synthesizer. And it should be able to use a single sine wave as an oscillator, because that is the most pure sound you can use, as it lacks annoying and piercing overtones.

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How to create a Censor Beep Sound

  • Step 1 – Turn on 1 single oscillator on your Synth
  • Step 2 – Set that oscillator to a Sine Wave
  • Step 3 – Make sure you open up the filter 100%
  • Step 4 – Set the Amp Envelope to full decay and sustain
  • Step 5 – Set the Amp Envelope to minimal attack and release
  • Step 6 – Play the note B5 on your MIDI Keyboard (or DAW)
  • Step 7 – Extend that note for as long as you want the beep sound

Why use the note B5?

There is no rule to use this note, but I have found it to be very common for the classic beep sound. It works so well because it has a frequency of 987.77 Hz, which is in a range of our human hearing that is super clear, but still not piercing.

The note B5 for the Beep Censor Sound