Hello Composers, Mike here! =)
Ah, so you want to make Evil Boss Music? Music that brings a vibe of darkness, evil, power and authority. Music that makes you want to put on your hero suit, and challenge the final boss! 😛

Let’s listen to a couple of live examples of music compositions in this style! =)

Mikael Baggström – A Dark Parade in Hell

My vision for this track was to show the essence of insanity and chaotic vibe among the twisted mind of darkness. The dark lord, and his minions holding a parade in his honor in the massive fires of hell itself!

The composition starts in A minor, but with lots of dissonant chord changes, and rapid modulations of key throughout to really bring forward the chaotic vibe. It is in 4/4 but basically all rhythms are written in triplets which makes the overall groove very loose and open. Compared to strict 4/4 I wanted the evil beasts of hell to be rebels even in the way to march.

The sound palette is very focused on the brass section, and heavier overall on the low end range. There are a lot of layered staccato rhythms and stabs on strings and brass, even syncopated ones, to really get that chaotic yet powerful rhythm across.

Gabriel Lander – Resident Evil 4 (Heli Mike)

Gabriel’s description: This track I have done for the most difficult part where you as Leon need to get through zombies that are using machine guns, dynamite and wooden shields to stop you from advancing, where you have a helicopter helping you out, and you hear Mike the pilots voice that I have copied with vo as dub to add to the tension.

Mat Duguay – Evil Boss

Mat’s description: Hybrid orchestral evil boss track I’ve been working on the last two days. Tried to keep it simple but evocative. Minor and mean.

Mike’s Tips for Evil Boss Music

  1. Dissonant Chords & Harmonies
  2. Unexpected Harmonic Changes
  3. Chaotic Rhythms and Grooves
  4. Powerful Sounds and Accents
  5. Bold and Powerful Low End
  6. Distortion & Rich Overtones
  7. Heavy Focus on Rhythms

Now take Action!

I always recommend you to take action, to learn from doing, experimenting, and creating. So go ahead and compose a new track in the style of “Evil Boss Music”. =)