Learn how to prioritize and make sacrifices to Gain More Time for your artist journey, in order to push forward towards a professional music career. Because that’s what you want, right? Well keep on reading, or watch the video.

More Time for your Composer JourneyHey Friends and Composers. Let’s talk about time Time. =)

We all have the same amount of it. You can not create more time…but you can choose to avoid, or at least reduce certain things that drain your time, in order to have more time to work and progress on your professional journey as a creative artist.

Making Sacrifices to Win More Time

It all comes down to a simple fact…you need to make sacrifices. Let me start by sharing some of the sacrifices I have made personally to free up time for my professional journey: I don’t watch TV at all, only a couple of hours of Netflix per week. I avoid watching or reading the news. I minimize the time I spend on Social Media, and basically focus only on my professional journey when I’m on Facebook etc. Basically I try to reduce my time consuming content, to have more time creating content.

Your Time is Your Choice

It is all about your choices. Do you truly want to succeed in reaching your dream destination of your journey as an artist? Make sure to make that journey into one of your top priorities in life. When other people watch movies, sports, and TV series…you work on your professional career. When other people play games, or get lost in their social media feeds…you create and produce content.

I’m not saying you should stop having fun, relaxing, socializing etc. I’m saying that: the more time you can spend on your professional journey every week, the more momentum you will build up, and that is what you want. Here’s a list of things I personally try to be aware of to “not waste time”:

  • Social Media
  • Email
  • YouTube
  • News
  • TV
  • Netflix
  • Games

Choose to be a Creator

There are countless of examples of things that can drain you time, without taking you further on your career in music. But it all comes down to one single sentence that I have made into a creed, a core belief: “Choose to be a Creator, not a Consumer”. Basically, try to spend more time creating and producing content, than being on the opposite side = consuming content. Because taking action is the only thing that will move you forward on your journey.

Now Make More Time

Write a list of all the things you do often, the things you spend your time on. Focus on the things that you estimate spending at least 1 hour per week on. Once you have this list completed. Go through every item to see if you can reduce the time you spend on things that don’t push you forward on your professional journey. Then use that extra time you gain to work on tasks and projects that will take you an extra step on the way to your dream destination.

Your Music Career

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PS. I wish you Great Success on your Professional Journey in Music! =)

Friendly regards,
Mikael “Mike” Baggström
Music Composer | Sound Designer