How to make Ambient MusicHello Composers, Mike here. Ah, so you want to make Ambient Music. Music that is relaxing, atmospheric, dreamy and simply beautiful.

First Watch my Video here, where I show you behind the scenes as I compose an ambient track from scratch.

Next, let’s listen to a couple of live examples of music compositions in this style! =)

Mikael Baggström – The Magic Ocean Above

My description: Slow, Relaxing and Soft Ambient Music in 70BPM with very soothing sounds and focusing on long notes and chords, deep pads, drones, textures and atmospheric sounds.

My creative vision for this track was waking up in a magical land high up in the skies, and slowly drifting on the sea of clouds. A place of mystic undertones and eerie atmosphere, but yet with a blissful and divine tone, full of hope and curiosity.

Main Instruments & Sounds used: Omnisphere pads and textures, NOVO and FORZO sound design presets, ambient light rhythmic textures, sordino strings, flautando and sul tasto violins, celeste, high and soft flute etc.

Adrian Earnshaw – Stellar Winds

Adrian’s description: This track was conceived from watching the sky on a cloudy day, seeing how the thing whisps drift, ebb and flow. Out in the universe, there are stellar winds that a human eye cannot see but yet they have a great effect on our home world of Earth.

This track is a slow building ambient piece that starts off with a drone pad sound before the sequences drift in. The lead synths are echoed in harmony by a light bell sound with guitars adding an extra dimension.

David Michael Tardy – Aura

David’s description: The title of my composition is “AURA”. When I lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I was a member of a sound healing group called Sees the Day Sound Healing. We would perform at various yoga centers and health & wellness centers for large groups who would lay down on their yoga mats, close their eyes and journey to whatever music & sound baths we were offering.

We offered it as “Music & Sound as Medicine” and it was never rehearsed, as we always created sound baths which relied on the energy of the people and the room. So, my intention for this short piece is along those guidelines, for what is sound, but energy in frequencies and a Universal Language.

Gabriel Lander – Resident Evil 4 Laboratories

Gabriel’s description: I focused a lot on custom synths drones and sound effects, that is what Reason as daw cannot be compete with. While there are millions of plugins out there, none has the capability of the old school cabling process that go along Reason’s rack system.

So this is some hard bit also a bit menacing as this soundtrack I have made for the worst part of the original game Here the protagonist needs to go through laboratories filled with feared regenerators . I have made another this week but it is a bit faster so I go with this one for now. I might not gonna go well with melodies here, but I studied the original soundtracks thoroughly (40 more I wanna compose) and I know it is very close to the original atmosphere.

I have ambients for Skyrim Fallout Silent Hill Mass Effect that are more melodic and built on instruments that composers I believe would like better, but I still stick with this piece. My voice acting (copying the monster that lurks around corners) is just a lifting effect for those that are familiar with the game.

Sébastien Brunner – The Abyss

Sébastien’s description: I wanted to do something about the recent trench dive at the deepest point on Earth. It’s dark and intense then awe creeps in while discovering places never seen before. Not soothing ambient but more cinematic.

James Lebreton – Ad Astra

James’ description: My idea is to evoke the space travel from the point of view of those who are not on board in the spaceship. You stay on earth and dream of the trip.

For ambient music my point is to provide movement inside the long legato pads with chord change, arpeggios in the background, reverb settings, midi envelopes… there is also a bigger bassline in the ending part to bring some intensity while keeping the track in the ambient side.

Now take Action!

I always recommend you to take action, to learn from doing, experimenting, and creating. So go ahead and compose a new track in the style of “Ambient Music”. =)

My name is Mikael “Mike” Baggström, and I am a composer, sound designer, artist, video creator, coffee lover, and true nerd…

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