How to build a HUGE YouTube Channel as a Music ArtistHello Music Creators, do you want to become a HUGE YouTuber?! 😃

To have an insane amount of subscribers, and millions of views every month on your videos. I have been on YouTube as a music artist and educator for over 10 years now, and I have still not made it. But I decided to go all-in on trying to achieve these higher hero levels on YouTube.

I have done a lot research during the past few weeks on what types of music channels and video styles work extremely well on YouTube. Let’s check out 10 Music YouTubers with videos that have gone viral, and the reason why, so we can learn the YouTube Master Gameplan together:

  1. Alex Moukala Music
    Alex is a music composer who started out with a tutorial and education focused channel, but did not reach these higher levels of views until he started making his “reaction” type videos, full of energy and excitement. Fun fact: His 2 most viewed videos on his tutorial channel, are not tutorials, but screencasts of his music arrangements with added sub-titles that make the videos more entertaining.
  2. Peter Hollens
    Peter is a great singer, whos channel gained attraction from his vocal covers of famous music, and especially soundtrack music like Disney, Skyrim etc. Basically, by doing covers of very famous music, you ride the wave these tracks already create by the millions of people searching for them.
  3. Smooth McGroove
    A very nerdy channel making covers of famous tracks, mainly video game music, using only his voice as all instruments. The nerd niche is huge on YouTube.
  4. Andrew Huang
    His channel is based mainly on musical experiments, and fun quirky videos. And his energy level and charisma draws people in. High energy and fast editing is another success strategy for YouTube. As is experiments and challenges.
  5. Davie504
    He started out his channel making tutorials on playing the bass, but his channel exploded when he changed direction to his unique dry humor type of videos. Meme style humor works great on YouTube.
  6. Adam Neely
    Adam often takes you on a journey into the advanced parts of music theory, as well as short documentary style videos on specific topics. He’s using very attention grabbing video titles that make you super curious and want to click. Education, but with a very broad curiosity appeal.
  7. Dryante Zan
    I recently found his channel, and while it does not yet have millions of views, his amazing videography when playing video game covers really draws you in to his music. If you want to do a music channel, amazing music videos like this will go far on YouTube.
  8. Seth Everman
    He has become somewhat of a meme legend in the YouTube music space. Short meme style videos mixed with the dry humor, and “punch line” style editing. In fact, I have seen plenty of music channels mimic his video style, and exploded in growth as a result.
  9. 8-bit Music Theory
    If you are going to do education, it seems making the videos very open to non-musicians, is the way to go. Broad appeal and entertainment factor always wins on YouTube.
  10. 2Cellos
    These two guys have taken cello performances to the next level. And this is one key to achieving huge success on YouTube. Make something that stands out. For example: I found their channel from a video cover of Iron Maiden, played on 2Cellos. That is really something that stands out!

Summary on YouTube Success as a Music Artist

What is the secret formula to becoming HUGE on YouTube as a music artist? Well, I would say that the entertainment value of your videos is the most important aspect. And the other is to have a broad appeal. You can still focus on a niche, as long as that niche is big enough in terms of audience.

I hope my research can help you Level Up your YouTube channel as a music artist. I will take action to adjust my plan, and continue experimenting with different video styles based on this research. Thumbs up for HUGE success on YouTube for all of us!