7 Secret Shortcuts in Logic ProDo you want to improve your workflow in Logic Pro by using several “hidden shortcuts”?

There are actually a range of tools and keyboard shortcuts that you can access in Logic that are not visible or available at first glance. Let’s learn 7 of them, right now! =)

1 – Automation Curve Tool = SHIFT + CTRL

When your automation is visible either in the sequencer or piano roll editor, you can press SHIFT + CTRL to activate the automation curve tool.

2 – Velocity Tool = CTRL + CMD

When you are editing velocity levels in your piano roll editor, you can quickly access the velocity tool without changing into it in your tools menu. You simply press CTRL + CMD and your cursor will change into the velocity tool.

3 – Right-Click = 3rd Tool

You can add a third tool in both your sequencer and editor, which will be tied to the right-click button on your mouse. Go into preferences – general – editing. There you will find “right mouse button”, and you can select “is assignable to a tool”.

4 – Fade Tool = Click Zones

You can get quick access to the fade tool by activating “click zones”. Go to preferences – general – editing, and click the box “fade tool click zones”. Now when you hover your mouse cursor at the top left or right side of an audio region, the cursor changes and you can left-click and drag to create a fade in or fade out. Then you can hover your cursor on the fade line and shape its curve.

5 – Marquee Tool = Click Zones

If you want quick access to the marquee tool without selecting it first, you can set it to be activated on click zones. Go to preferences – general – editing, and click “marquee tool click zones”. Now whenever your mouse cursor is in the lower half of any region in your sequencer, the tool will change into the marquee tool.

6 – Zoom Tool = CTRL + OPTION

If you click CTRL + OPTION you will activate the zoom tool, regardless of where you are in your sequencer or editor. If you only hold the OPTION key the zoom tool will not activate when your cursor is above a note or region.

7 – View Instrument on Track = CMD + Double-Click Icon

Instead of having to open the track inspector to get access to the GUI of a plugin or software instrument in your project, you can simply hold CMD and double-click the track icon.