Happy Birthday - But it's DeathWhat would happen if you take the super happy, joyful and completely innocent “Happy Birthday” song, and turn it dark, dirty and creepy?

Let’s destroy the “Happy Birthday Song”, to celebrate the birthday of the Grim Reaper aka Death!

Happy Birthday – But it’s the Grim Reaper

  1. Change the Major Key into a Minor Key
  2. Slow it Down to make it even more Creepy
  3. Add some extra Chromatic Steps for a touch of Evil
  4. Make a Low Drone for an Ominous and Dark Vibe
  5. Add Tension Harmonies and Dissonant Voice Leading
  6. Record Gritty Instruments like Bowed Strings and Growl Brass
  7. Use some Detuning, Wobbling and other Instability