Happiest Music InstrumentsSome music instruments simply have that special happy sound, that works great for making music that lifts your spirit and makes you smile and feel good.

What are the characteristics that make an instrument sound happy?

  • High Range Instruments (treble focused)
  • Great for Rhythmic Playing (arpeggios, staccato notes etc.)
  • Good at Fast Playing (quick phrases, fast melodies etc.)
  • Amazing for Ornaments (grace notes, cuts, runs etc.)

So basically: play notes above middle C, focus on rhythmic playing styles, perform faster phrases and “jumpy” melodies, and add lots of quick ornamentations…and you have yourself a happy sounding music performance on your instrument.

Now let’s explore the top list of actual music instruments that works incredibly well for this happy and uplifting vibe:

5 Happiest Music Instruments

  1. Ukulele (it’s basically the definition of happy instrument)
  2. Tin Whistles (works great for “dancy” upbeat tunes)
  3. Kalimba (happy, while also being cute and sweet)
  4. Banjo (it adds both fun and excitement with its high twangy sound)
  5. Glockenspiel (any high range bell instruments simply sounds uplifting)

As a bonus, if you know how to whistle, that can truly sound incredibly joyful and happy too! =)