Hand Claps VST Plugin - Hand ClapperDo you want to create your own custom hand claps for your music productions?

Hand Clapper by AudioThing is a really nice VST plugin where you can quickly create and customize your own hand clap sounds to fit your current production.

It is basically a drum synthesizer dedicated to hand claps. It is designed with inspiration from a classic Japanese percussion synth from the 80s.

Hand Clapper VST Plugin

This plugin features 3 internal sound (noise) sources which are all inspired by classic drum machines. You can switch between: 808, 909 and HC2.

But there is also a 4th mode, which is “custom sound sources”. Meaning you can use your own samples for creating your hand claps.

The sound design parameters of this plugin are simple, yet effective, because they cover the most essential parts of shaping “hand clap” sounds.

First of all you can of course change the overall Tone/Frequency from a warm/fat clap sound all the way to super thin and crispy. You can change the decay, meaning how long the clap sound is, and choose to add internal reverb if you wish (I prefer adding reverb afterward in my DAW).

You can also create repetitions, which means creating “gang claps” (more people clapping), with a knob to adjust the timing of these different claps. From super tight, to very loose. And finally there is a randomness knob, which introduces tiny variations in each clap.

All in all you get a very focused and easy to use, Hand Clap VST Plugin. And the added ability to use your own samples really takes this tool to another level.

Check out Hand Clapper by AudioThing here.