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Hello Composers, Mike here, and I have the great opportunity to share my interview with Dickie Chapin who is the founder of Red Room Audio. He creates sample libraries from Trailer Percussion to Celtic Fiddles.

Let’s hear the story behind Red Room Audio, and the creative philosophy of these amazing products for composers. 😃

Hello Dickie, we are honored to have you share your story and wisdom here on Professional Composers. Let’s start with the interview now! =)

Question 1: First, what is your background in music composition and sound design?

Although I’ve been in orchestra and choir all my life, my primary musical background lies in rock music. I was in a few signed bands after college as both drummer and singer/songwriter and was fortunate to do a fair amount of touring and recording.

I got really interested in recording equipment and techniques and started collecting gear. This led to composing work, which led me to the world of virtual instruments.

Question 2: Why did you start developing your own sample libraries, what’s the story?

Several years ago I wanted to start writing with modern samples but didn’t have the money to acquire them. I did, however, have a career in graphic design, so I contacted several sample developers and offered my services in exchange for product. I was surprised by how many responded and I quickly filled up my hard drives.

When clients ran out of libraries to offer they started paying actual money. One client was Andrew at Impact Soundworks, who fortunately let me run with some of my own ideas for libraries like Rhapsody, Bravura Brass and Ventus Winds.

In 2017 I got the itch to DIY and asked a few trusted friends to help me, with Impact Soundworks’ added support. Despite what we knew was going to be a massive undertaking we really wanted to come out with a bang, so our small team worked all year on the Palette Orchestral Series and officially opened Red Room Audio in December, 2017 with Palette as our debut offering.

Question 3: Can you share your creative philosophy when choosing what instruments to develop, and the features that goes into them?

I wouldn’t say I have an overarching philosophy. I’m driven to create instruments that inspire me, even if they’ve been sampled many times before. In those cases I like to combine things I like about other products with features that are either missing or could be improved upon, and see what we can come up with.

I just really love the entire process of creating libraries, from the opening designs to the recording process to the graphics and marketing materials. It allows me the opportunity to wear many hats.

I also enjoy mixing business with pleasure, often adding sampling sessions to family vacations (hence our Traveler Series). There’s a lot to love about what I do and I’m humbled and happy others are enjoying the results.

Question 4: Do you have any future products, and plans that you can tell us about?

We have several new libraries already recorded and edited, and 3 currently in the scripting process. Since we’re a small shop we often have to wait for our freelancers to come available, which can cause occasional delays.

In the meantime we keep piling up material to be turned into products, so no complaints. Our next release will be in September, 2019, and it’s entitled “Cue Builders Cinematic Rhythms.” Without revealing too much let’s just say… we hope you like it.

Question 5: Any final tips and motivation for composers?

I’m not one for offering creative advice as everyone has their own muse. I like to live by the personal credo of creating what I enjoy rather than satisfying others or filling market demands. I believe if you stay true to yourself in that way you’ll always be happy and rewarded by your work.

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Thank you so much Dickie, I personally love your products and am very much looking forward to what will come next. Now for everyone, take a look at the Red Room Audio range of products for composers.