Free Suspended Chord Piano Chart (Printable)

Do you want to learn how to play all suspended chords (in every key) on your piano keyboard?

I have created these 2 free chord charts for you (both sus2 and sus4 chords), which you can choose to print it out, or perhaps simply bookmark this web page for reference.

What is a Suspended Chord in Music?

Well, there are in fact 2 variations of suspended chords in music, sus4 and sus2. Both share the same kind of emotional quality, in the sense that they are “open chords”, which means neither major nor minor in character.

They also have a kind of soft tension, and pull towards being resolved = becoming a major or minor chord.

This soft tension and open quality makes suspended chords amazing for adding a kind of beautiful emotional tension and release quality in your chord progressions and voice leading.

A sus4 chord has the following formula: Root + Perfect 4th + Perfect 5th. And a sus2 chord consists of: Root + Major 2nd + Perfect 5th.

Sus2 Chords on Piano (Free Chart)

Sus2 Chord Chart (Free Printable)

Sus4 Chords on Piano (Free Chart)

Sus4 Chord Chart (Free Printable)

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