Free Harp VST Sample LibraryHello Composers, Mike here! 😃
Finding great sounding sample libraries for orchestral and cinematic music is hard. But I managed to find a great and free harp sample library by Versilian Studios called: Etherealwinds Harp II: Community Edition.

Listen to the Amazing Sound Demo:

What you get

  • VSTi or AU version (Mac)
  • 255 samples with total of around 350MB
  • 2 velocity layers and 2 round robins

Download this Harp VST Plugin (Sample Library) for Free here: Etherealwinds Harp II (CE)

Mikael Baggström - Composer and Sound DesignerMy name is Mikael “Mike” Baggström, and I am a composer, sound designer, artist and educator.

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