Free Choir VST LibrariesAre you looking for high quality but free choir VST sample libraries?

Background choirs can be used in anything from orchestral and cinematic music, to your pop music production in practically any style. Those classic aahs, oohs and mms, can add depth, atmosphere and fill up the harmony of your music.

These are my top recommendations for free choir VST libraries:

Best Free Choir VST Plugins:

  1. Spitfire Audio – LABS Choir
  2. Project Sam – Luminous Choir
  3. Fluffy Audio – Haunted Choir

1. Spitfire Audio – LABS Choir

Super straight forward interface, but still able to add expression and movement into your choir sound. It has a very lush and rich sound quality which makes it perfect for those classic background choir carpets.

Project Sam – Luminous Choir

I have no idea how they did it, but this choir sounds fantastic! Look at how small the RAM footprint are for this choir patch in Kontakt. You get some simple controls to shape the overall sound, plus an “octaver” function that Project Sam has used in their Symphobia range of products. In fact, this choir has used samples directly from that high end Symphobia sample library.

Fluffy Audio – Haunted Choir

This generous gift from Fluffy Audio is much more capable than most free instruments. You get 2GB samples, polyphonic legato, 4 mic positions that you can mix, all recorded in a beautiful concert hall.