Do you want to add massive and majestic brass in your music? Do you want the power to design your own unique colors and style of brass? Then Forzo – Modern Brass by Heavyocity might be exactly what you need! Read on, or Watch my Video on Forzo – Modern Brass.


Forzo Modern Brass by HeavyocityWhat is Forzo – Modern Brass? Well, basically it is a hybrid and sound design approach to brass, but still with the core sound of authentic cinematic brass. It has 3 engines: One focused on traditional brass sounds (with lots of power).

Another engine is called “Brass Designer” and let’s you go crazy and creative with sound design. And finally there is a loop engine with 100s of tempo-synced loops that you can shape into a new performance.

Learn more about Forzo – Modern Brass here. Get a full overview and specifications, listen to audio demos etc.


Hello Composers, Mike here, and I’ve been playing with Forzo for about a week now. And I have to say that for super powerful brass sounds, this instrument really does its job remarkably well. It can sound natural, but it excels at those growly, mean and powerful brass sounds.

Also the UI is a joy to use, since it is well thought out: both what features it includes, and the layout and design. And I am very picky when it comes to UI’s since I worked with graphic design.


Forzo - Modern Brass by Heavyocity


The Powerful Sound
Honestly it is amazing. Forzo is not winning at lyrical melodies, but it sure wins at powerful brass sounds that has that oh so lovely growl and metallic resonance! I guess they are named Heavy-ocity for a reason. =)
The Brass Designer
Wow! This is not only fun and experimental. You can easily create new unique brass textures that are instantly usable in your music.
The Creative Options
Compared to traditional brass libraries, Forzo gives you so many options to shape the tone and texture of the sound. This adds a whole other level to brass, and for me it makes it so much more inspiring. I simply start this engine up, play around and experiment, and new creative ideas starts flowing instantly.


The main limitation of this instrument, is the lack of legato. I know that it is not the focus of this library, but I would have been happier with at least a scripted legato/portamento option. Especially if it was controllable in speed and response curve.


Forzo by Heavyocity, is a completely fresh approach to brass. It combines the classic sound of brass recorded in an amazing room, with the heavy production and power Heavyocity is known for. Plus the added creative sound design perspective that will suit composers and producers like myself, who like to create and shape my sounds into something new.


Learn more about Forzo – Modern Brass here. Get a full overview and specifications, listen to audio demos etc.