Flute Note RangeWhat is the Note Range of a Flute?

The standard concert flute (Boehm flute) in C starts at C4, and a professional player can go up to C7 (or even higher). So the total note range is 3 full octaves with all chromatic notes. That’s a note range of 37 notes with that high C.

What is the Lowest Note on a Flute?

The lowest note on a standard C flute is C4, which is middle C on a piano keyboard. Some flutes have a B foot joint which makes B3 the lowest note

Now there are also other flutes in the flute family. The alto flute has G3 as the lowest note. The bass flute has C3 (an octave below the standard flute).

And the uncommon contrabass flute has C2 as the lowest note.

What is the Highest Note on a Flute?

This depends on the skill of the player, but on a standard C flute C7 should be in reach for a professional player. Some players can go even beyond this, but it does get very difficult, and it might be better to leave that highest octave to the piccolo.

Can a Flute play in Any Key?

Yes, since the standard concert flute (Boehm flute) is a chromatic instrument, meaning it is designed to play all 12 notes of music (in several octaves). This means you can play music in any key.

But you always need to consider where the melodies and phrases go, so you don’t end up with a note that goes outside the range of your flute (usually too low).

How High can a Piccolo Flute play?

A piccolo flute plays 1 octave higher than a standard flute. It starts from D5 and plays all the way to C8, which is extremely high and is often described as “shrill”.

Note that the piccolo sounds 1 octave higher than written on the treble staff, which helps in both reading, but also with layering and harmonising with the standard C flute.

How many Octaves can you play on a Flute?

A standard concert flute in C (Boehm flute) have 3 full octaves in range. These octaves are referred to as “registers” as they all have their own tonal character. The 1st octave is the “low register”, the 2nd octave is the “middle register” and the 3rd octave is the “high register”.

Some players can play a few notes all up in the 4th octave, however usually you want to leave that to the piccolo.